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Audition Notice


Looking Glass Theatre is excited to announce general auditions for our first season of professional theatre in southern Manitoba.


Auditions will be held (by appointment) between 6pm-8:30pm on Friday, April 12th at the Steinbach Arts Council (304 2nd St. in Steinbach).    


To book an audition slot, please contact our producers at Please send us a CV and headshot/photo with your submission. If you have a preferred time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it.

In person auditions are preferred. However, if you are unable to make it for the above date/time, please request a self-tape audition in your submission email. Self tapes must be received by Thursday, April 11th. 




Auditions are daunting, even for seasoned pros. Our goal is to make this as painless and easy a process as we can for you, the actor. Here's what you can expect from a Looking Glass audition:


There will be two people in the room, our Co-Artistic Directors Laura Kathleen Turner and Marc A. Moir. They are both veteran actors, who have been through the audition process themselves many, many times, and know all about the nerves and the missed lines, etc. They are both super nice, normal people and do not bite. They want to see you succeed and will do all they can to put you at ease. 


Slots are 15 minutes


There will be a quick chat to get to know you a bit.


Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of your choosing--something that best showcases what you can do. (Please be off book for your monologue--we want to see your face.)


If you "eat it" the first time around, DON'T STRESS. We've all been there. You may ask for a do-over and Laura and Marc will happily give you one. 


Our directors may ask you to do your piece again in a different way or with a certain piece of direction in mind. This does not mean you did poorly--quite the opposite. It simply means they enjoyed your performance and are curious as to how you take direction. 


You will be asked to sing "Happy Birthday" or another short song of your choice to gauge your singing ability.


You may also be asked to do a cold read of a portion of script or sides. 


Nobody will be offered a role in the room.  



1. You do not have reliable transportation to Steinbach, MB. 

2. You cannot work on the weekends. 

3. You are under the age of 18. 



Looking Glass Theatre is professional, non-union. We offer our actors a respectful rate of pay, for the amount of hours they are in the rehearsal room / on stage. And, if ticket sales go well, that rate is doubled. 

We like to cast for each season, rather than each show. So, if you are cast as a company member, you will most likely get the chance to play in 2-3 shows throughout the year. And, if we loved working with you, you will most likely be asked back for another season. 

Rehearsals take place in Steinbach, MB, mainly on Saturdays. Each show plays in Steinbach (2 weekends), Morden (1 weekend), and Brandon (1 weekend). 

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