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Our Story

Looking Glass Theatre began as a pipe-dream in the middle of a nation-wide lockdown. Just two Creatives, wondering how and when we'd be able to get back on stage, knowing when we did, we wanted it to count: We wanted to bring Professional, Live Theatre to our community. 


But it went deeper than that. We knew if we were going to do this, we wanted to do it right. So, when the day finally came to start booking shows and planning seasons, we made the decision to proceed as a "Professional, Non-Union" company. This gave us the freedom to choose shows based on entertainment value, and to cast actors strictly based on talent, rather than union status. 

It also gave us the opportunity to shake up the traditional audition and casting processes. Now, when we are on the lookout for new talent, we go to them. We attend their shows and do everything we can to see them at their best, rather than inviting them into a room full of strangers and asking them to perform a monologue out of context. And, when we cast an actor, we cast them for a full season and intentionally give them diverse parts to play. This gives them the opportunity to shine in multiple roles, and the entire company has the opportunity to build the friendships and trust that are needed both on and off stage, in order to produce seamless, captivating, extraordinary work. (Which they do!)  


And with that, the foundation of our company was set: To produce shows audiences want to see, and actors want to play in. In other words, to entertain! And, to be able to create our own work, which is the ultimate goal of any aspiring Creative Professional.


We would like to thank our beloved families, and our amazing audiences in Southeast Manitoba, for making this pipe-dream a dream-come-true.          

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Meet the Founders

Marc A. Moir and Laura Kathleen Turner are the Founders and Co-Artistic Directors of Looking Glass Theatre. Their creative partnership has spanned the length of nearly two decades, and over the years their collaborative efforts have been described by audiences and industry professionals alike as, "magical", "electric", and "spellbinding". They are incredibly grateful for the chances they've had to work together on over 20 theatre and film projects; so much so that they decided to start a Theatre Company and keep working together on all their creative projects going forward! 

"We have been wanting to go Professional for a few years now, and we can't think of a better place to put down roots than Steinbach. We really think the community will appreciate the stories we have to tell, and the quality with which we tell them. Also, Steinbach is full of some incredibly talented people, who we really want to showcase. We're excited to be here, and we hope the community will be excited about us too." 

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